Things to do

I am alive

Although I touched down in Australia two weeks ago, I am yet to write about any of my experiences thus far. This is an introductory post to my new blog so you can keep abreast of the shenanigans that lie ahead (lucky you). Multi-purpose, I’ll also be offering some guidance in this blog for those that plan on doing a spot of traveling themselves.

So, without further adieu, welcome to Backpacker Mac. A blog about a person living out of their backpack and their name happens to be Mac. Simple.

Keep your eyes peeled as in the coming weeks, months etc, I plan on keeping you up to date with my venture to the other side of the world, sharing my experiences (within reason) with heaps of photos, tips and tricks and general chit chat.

If you’re thinking that this blog is going to be mind blowing / an action romp / likely to go viral, I ask you to please lower your expectations now and instead, strap yourselves in for nothing more than an ordinary, slightly above average (we hope) babble.

TTFN. There is work to be done.


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