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Six days in St Kilda

The first six days we spent in Melbourne were spent in the south, in St Kilda. Right by the beach, we thought we had picked a winner. And we definitely had, except when we arrived in Melbourne it felt colder than Moscow…in the winter.

Metaphorically freezing our tits off, Dre (my travel companion) and I, were quite concerned that we had in fact arrived at the wrong location, given that it was allegedly spring in Australia. Nope. The reality was we had arrived. And it was fucking Baltic.

So what do you do when you arrive at a destination with mostly swimwear, ample baby-sized garments and heaps of sun cream in your backpack? Thankfully St Kilda is packed with weird and wonderful stuff to do. Here’s a small sample of the stuff we got up to in our first six days:

1.Visited Australia’s answer to Mystic Meg. She told us a lot of stuff. But mostly she asked us questions to decipher what our future would entail. For $40, I would not recommend, but it’s a good craic if you like someone else making shit up about what’s around the corner. Give me $20, I’ll do it for less.

2. Celebrated Day of the Dead. Well not quite. Day of the Dead is actually a little hidden gem on Fitzroy Street. Mexican inspired, it follows the theme of the well celebrated Day of the Dead Mexican holiday, with lots of cool art only slight visible from the dimly lit candles. It’s a must visit in the area, if only for its passionfruit cheesecake, which the owner told us is homemade by his mother.

3. Hit up the local theme park. It’s home to one of the oldest coasters in the world and requires a person to stand on the ride and operate it throughout.

Dre and I picked a ride each. I chose the coaster. My favourite part of going on this particular ride was Dre literally crying out of fear. Whilst the coaster does go at some speed, there were children happily enjoying it’s bumpy motion without a tear on their face. Dre chose the ghost ride. This is not for adults.

Rides cost $11 each or you can bag a day pass for $55. It’s worth noting that there’s probably only around four rides aimed at adults. But if you’re taking kiddywinkles it’s an awesome day out.

4. Discovered Woolworths and was fairly upset that it doesn’t sell cassette tapes and pick and mix, but instead stocks groceries.

5. Enjoyed brunch in a little cafe called the Arrival Lounge. This was right underneath the apartment we were staying in and when we couldn’t gain access to our accommodation, these friendly chaps served us delicious coffee and food. They even let us use their phones to contact the landlord.

Suffice to say, we were returning customers and enjoyed a second brunch their the following day. I had eggs benedicte with beef rashers instead of bacon. For a Brit this was sacriligeous but still good. Dre had something more unusual – Cheeky Chicken with sriracha sauce and maple covered waffles. Yum.

6. Found out that you can make friends in Banks in Australia. Our ‘bank friend’, or Milly as we typically tend to call her, is now our roommate in our hostel.

This is just a snapshot of what you can get up to in six days and by no means is this list an exhaustive one of ours. There’s plenty more coming, don’t you worry.


3 thoughts on “Six days in St Kilda

  1. Beef rashers!!! WTF. Bank people are friendly, I know because I was one of them. Glad you are having a real good time with the sheilas.


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