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Cup of the good stuff, please.

If you love coffee, then you’ll love Melbourne. Before coming here I honestly believed the stuff we gulp down in the UK was a delight. But having spent some time in the Coffee capital of the world, I realise now that it was all a farce.

I’ve been on the other side of the coffee counter for a few weeks now, observing these awesome barristers in their finest hours. Similar to a scientist in the lab, these guys are extremely meticulous when it comes to the creating the perfect cup of coffee. And there’s detail in the magic. The origin of the bean itself – Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, the type of grind – espresso, pourovers, stovetop espresso etc – and of course, making it look nice and fancy. And they’re right to be so passionate, ‘cos the stuff out here tastes like heaven. Or how I imagine coffee in heaven tastes at least.

Yet, it isn’t just the barristers who know their coffee inside out and back to front. Melbos themselves are down with their v60s, batch brews and kono dripper knowledge. It’s almost like an obsession…but a much more educated one that the one that I have with Tom Hardy.


So if you’re making your way to Melbourne any time soon, here’s a few recommended places you should try for a cup of the good stuff:

  1. Journeyman
  2. Mr Mister
  3. Cup of Truth
  4. Deadman Espresso
  5. Brother Baba Budan

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