A small, irrelavant update from the BoC

Over the past few weeks we have really made a home out of our hostel. Despite a few move arounds, Milly, Dremond and I have pretty much been stuck together like three little peas in a pod. And outside of Private Room 4, it’s true to say we’ve all become one big family at the Back of Chapel. BBQs, Birthday parties (lots of Scorpio babies in this place) and of course communal showings of Foyle’s War have really been the glue to this family bond.

But as many of you wise people know, all good things must come to an end…so new beginnings can start of course! A big part of life in the hostel is saying ta’ra to good people and in the past few weeks we’ve had to do that way too many times. Sadly, we’re going to have to do the same over the next fortnight as more of the family breaks away for a new adventure. Whilst we’re sad to lose some of the famalam, we’re wishing you all of the luck!

The countdown to New Zealand is now on.


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