My Fav Rooftop Bars in Melbourne

At times, Melbourne can feel like just another concrete jungle. It would be hard to spot in a crowd of its peers. Stacked with corporate sky rises, from behind the lens it has a certain air of anonymity, seeming almost identical to other modern cities – in photographs at least. That’s of course until you find Hosier Lane,  Federation Sq and seek out some of the city’s hidden venues – like its rooftop bars.

Here’s a few you cannot miss.

The Rooftop Bar.

To sum this bar up succinctly I would say it has the word urban inked all over it. Hypothetically anyway. It’s a bit of a trek to climb the stairs (lifts were broken) but it was worth the sweat when we did eventually reach the top. Entering felt surreal. We were now face-to-face with the colossal corporate buildings that in the day shadowed our next steps. We became giants.

Plus they played Straight Outta Compton. Win.

Rooftop Bar

Madame Brussels

If you’re after something a bit more quaint and quirky, try Madame Brussels. Think British garden party – miniature foods, cocktails, wait staff wearing tennis gear. Not one to miss if you’re visiting and want to have a drink somewhere different.

Naked for Satan

Similar style to The Rooftop Bar but for me it felt a bit more corporate. Suits walking around everywhere. For me, the views weren’t quite as awesome as TRB, but the bar is bigger and fancier and you can also pick up some food in the restaurant. What’s more is the fact you’re a stone throw away from Fitzroy.

Hoo Haa

More low key than the others, Hoo Haa lives on Chapel St and is hiding next to Hot Box Yoga. Relaxed vibes, happy hours on house spirits, wines and beers and awesome bao to feast your senses on.

We also ventured to The Croft Institute but its rooftop is closed during certain weekdays. Whilst we didn’t stay for a drink or see upstairs, it looked pretty cool – themed-up like a freaky science lab.


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