Eight things to do in Melbourne for under $20

It comes as no surprise to anyone that living on a backpacker budget in Oz is hard graft. Frugality is essential. The trouble is there’s so much to see and do in cities like Melbourne, and like with everyday life you have to weigh up what’s a priority. That being said, if you’re on the hunt for bargains they are readily available. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite things to do in Melbourne for under $20. Please feel free to add in any you think should have made the cut!

  1. The Shrine of Remembrance – Built to commemorate those that lost their lives in WW1, this beautiful building stands just outside of Melbourne’s CBD. Beneath the shrine, in its crypt, is a museum – which is mostly dedicated to providing information on the Australian soldiers that fought in WW1, WW2, Iraq and Afghanistan. Admission is free but donations are welcome.
  2. National Gallery – Whether you’re an artsy type or not this is worth a look – if not only for its grand entrance. Pricing as above.
  3. Walking tours –These run regularly from the CBD and the one that was recommended to me can be found here. Sadly I didn’t get around to doing this but if you are keen for a few hours of walking around the city to learn some hidden nuggets you should give it a bash, especially given its free of charge.
  4. Botanic gardens – Come rain or shine this freebie should be added to the list. Keen for a cuppa and a sarnie? Then head to the outdoor café in amongst the greenery. Free, unless you want that coffee break.
  5. Village Cinemas – Less of a cultural experience, more of an entertainment fix. We hit the cinema on a couple of Tuesdays, mainly because living in a hostel restricts quality TV time. At $13 a ticket, you can bag yourself a seat to watch the most recent flicks.
  6. Happy Hours – There’s heaps. All of the time. Take your pick.
  7. Lucky Coq / Dominoes – Who doesn’t love cheap pizza? Lucky Coq on Chapel St offers pizzas from as a little as $4. Dominoes is just $1 more. Being a Brit, I was upset that there was no free garlic dip…but I’m just moaning, because that’s also what us Brits do.
  8. Grab a coffee. As mentioned in a previous post, Melbourne’s do this best. And it will cost you less than $5.

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