Farm work

Welcome to Tully: 20 things that have happened so far

Tully, the land of the backpacker. It’s estimated that about 85% of Tully’s population* is made up of backpackers. Roughly two hours south of Cairns, this little rainforest-town hybrid is the ideal home for snakes, crocs and foreign workers looking to extend their second year visa. The latter being the only one needing the visa.

I arrived in Tully just shy of two weeks ago looking for farm work.  So far it’s been a mixture of highs and lows – from phone breaks to no dollar to fun camping trips and exploring the local beauty. I wanted to share some of these moments, pain points and observations with you:

  1. Enduring scabby mosquito bites that when you scratch, make you look like a flea-infested dog
  2. A poor tan because it’s too bloody hot to sit out in this ridiculous heat unless you plaster yourself in ice cubes
  3. Ample tumble weeds (metaphorically speaking – this town during the day is like a graveyard but I haven’t actually seen a tumbleweed yet)
  4. Phone breakage on day three, stalling the quest for work and replacing it with minor heart attacks due to being a digital nomad, relying on internet access for all contact and importantly, money
  5. Kindness from a local phone repair man, that eventually saved the day. He also unexpectedly gave me a bag of free fruit, which was both random and well received
  6. A constant stream of rejection from men twenty years older than me – must stress I was asking them for farming positions nothing more
  7. Being taken to our accommodation after a day of traveling and being alarmed at how much it resembled a boiling hot death trap
  8. Moving to a cabin, meeting our roommate Gordan the Gecko and feeling elated at the realisation we have air-con
  9. Trying to sleep in a vibrating cabin from the crazy thunder storms
  10. Fearing being struck by lightening as a result of said thunder storms
  11. Mastering the card game ‘Shithead’ along with the Tully family, as there’s not much else to do here when you’re looking for work, your broke and even if you weren’t the only place to visit is the library
  12. Having not one, but two security interceptions from my travel card company, restricting access to my money once again
  13. Goon. Sweet, delicious, fish-bone ridden goon.
  14. Partying in a giant sauna / large, badly air-conditioned house. It’s not a house party in Tully until you’re all melting together in a pool of each other’s sweat
  15. Sipping sweet nectar in the two hottest joints in town, simply named: Top Pub and Bottom Pub – creative
  16. Anxiously swimming in a local river, whilst locals mention the word crocodile and then dramatically expecting to be eaten in minutes
  17. Exploring the beautiful rainforest areas, such as Alligator’s Creek and swimming in clear, cool, safe water whilst the heat of the sun blasts down from above
  18. Feeling complete elation when I manage to get access to Wi-Fi
  19. Meeting awesome people – from Tully’s answer to Steve Irwin to a British couple that in my hour(s) of need were bloody awesome
  20. Taking a camping trip with thirty others from the camp site, bbq’ing and finally feeling like I made the right choice in heading to Tully  

I’m still waiting for work 10 days on from arrival. The quest for work will be the biggest battle of all given the current pace of work here. But I’ll be sure to fill you in on that soon too. #Pray4Mac

*Figure plucked from the top of my head, based on guestimation only



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