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Probably going to throw myself out of a plane.

Being afraid of heights wasn’t a phobia I’d typically associate myself with. Spiders, yes. The dark, yes. Anyone rubbing my knee for longer than a millisecond, absolutely yes. But heights – no way, Jose!

That said, and being brutally honest, the idea of jumping out of a plane 14,000 ft high in the sky does make me want to cack my pants a fair bit. And that might well happen on the day. Yet, despite the potential sodden-ridden garments, I’m doing a ‘yes man’ and saying, well…yes, obviously.

You can’t really say no to be honest. I’m living 30 minutes away from one of the most sought out sky diving destinations in Australia- Mission Beach. Watching the divers land on the beach a few weeks back gave me a taste for how awesome the experience is.  It’s said that on really clear days you can see the Great Barrier Reef too, which I’m sure is a sight that won’t be easily forgotten. So the decision has been made.

Stay tuned for uploads, which will no doubt depict the aforementioned cacking of pants.

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