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Where to next?

Admittedly, it’s been nothing but radio silence from Mac. That’s what peeling bananas five days a week will do to you. There’s been little inspiration here in Tully. All the good stuff wears thin quickly as the weather turns from clear, blue skies to consistent rain fall, erasing any opportunity for outdoor pursuits – which is about the only good thing to do around here.

During this time, not all aspiration has been lost. In fact, on the days where I’m not speedily peeling bananas in the hope I’ll achieve a second year down under, I’ve been planning my forthcoming trips. And dabbling in meditation and yoga (and drinking, which is a paradox). And hell yeah there’s heaps to look forward to! Here’s just some of what’s coming up:

June ’16

  • Great Barrier Reef – A decision still has to be made as to whether I’ll snorkel this beauty or dive
  • Cambodia – Starting in the capital of Phonm Penh and finishing in Siem Reap, my plan is to tick off the big ticket things to do in Cambodia in the two weeks that I’m there. I’m keen to visit Koh Rong island, Kratie for some dolphin spotting and Battambang for a piece of rural Cambodia
  • Bangkok – A pit-stop and thus whistle stop tour of Thailand’s major city. Here for two nights, I’ve been advised that it’s about all the time you need in Bangkok. It’s been recommended that I make Khao San Road a priority for local delicacies, including Scorpions

July ’16

  • Ko Samui – I’ll be spending four weeks obtaining my TEFL accreditation on this beautiful island and I cannot wait

August ’16

  • Chiang Mai, Pi and more of Northern Thailand – N.Thailand is where I first wanted to do my TEFL course. Less boozing, more culture, the north seems to appeal to those wanting to immerse themselves into Thailand’s culture as opposed to its party scene in the south. Due to renovations on the facilities at the course I first selected, I had to change location. So, instead I’m hoping to head here straight after Ko Samui to see and do all the things this part of Asia has to offer – including the White Temple in Chiang Rai, chilling in Pi and visiting the sticky waterfalls.
  • Laos or Myanmar – This is yet to be planned!

September ’16

  • Vietnam – Plans tbc.


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