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Shamefully, I’m not a big reader. I’ve read many classics, modern and old, but only a handful have been hard to put down. With a background in PR and journalism it’s no surprise that when I am digesting written words, they’re typically tapped out from the likes of the BBC, the Guardian or some other current affairs hub. News has always been my thang…never fiction.

But as many fellow backpackers can contest – there are plenty of hours to fill during those long boat / bus / train / plane rides – and so the idea of getting sucked into the rabbit hole of a good book has been plaguing my mind on those journeys especially.

After finishing Eat Pray Love (of course I read this whilst traveling – it wouldn’t have been as cliche if I hadn’t) and it taking me approx. two months from start to finish, I was left with a similar dissatisfaction you get when you order the salad and not the pepperoni pizza. Feed me.

But alas! I’m now full. Bloated in fact. Popped on a few pounds (metaphorically speaking – an ongoing case of the travel tummy will prevent that from being a reality in Asia – TMI?). The Girl on the Train has been impossible to put down. So much so that I picked up the book on Monday and finished it in the very early hours of Wednesday!

What’s not to love? Stylistically it’s punchy. There’s mystery. There’s murder. There’s good old fashioned infidelity. The characters feel very real. It also took me back to my commuter days into Euston and refreshed the memories of working on Grays Inn Road. All in all I loved it… hence the speed read! So if you’re a fan of physchological thrillers then this book could soon become your best travel companion yet!

What next? I’d love suggestions :0)


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