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Six travel apps I can’t live without

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The digital age has led to more convenience than ever. No big surprises with that statement.Thanks to smartphones and that little chestnut the Internet, both the savvy user and the technophobe are able to explore the world with a little more simplicity / enjoyment, neatly accompanying the many other chaotic vibes assigned to backpacking. According to recent research by Smart Insights, 89% of our mobile usage is spent on apps versus sites. Here’s three  that I can’t live without: is possibly the most practical app on my list. Available on both iOS and Android, is quickly overriding the usual monopolisation of beloved Google Maps. Download the town / city /country you’re in whilst assigned to Wi-Fi and then roam the streets without complication offline.

XE Currency Converter

Not a mathmagician? No, me neither. XE alleviates the confusion between GBP, VND, AUD – whatever currency it may be – XE will show you live conversions so you can attempt to avoid a scam / being overcharged.

Typically requires no credit card detail input – which makes reserving that last minute dorm room that bit quicker. To me it feels a lot quicker and less clunkier than using Hostelworld – even though Hostelworld’s interface is more user friendly.


I don’t really need to explain this one do I? Whether you’re on the overnight sleeper bus, taking the long, scenic day train, or avoiding the noise from the activity of the bunk over in the corner, music is a must. It is the food for the soul. Simple.


Yeah, I know – Facebook, duh! But I couldn’t live without it sadly.

You’re going to meet a lot of cool people along the way. Keep in touch with them – and with folks from home.


Another app that needs no introductions (despite that quick one) – Instagram. Snap a beautiful pic, upload and hash tag the cr*p out of it. Await likes. And in years to come, look back and get the warm, fuzzy feeling that takes you back to that exact moment.

And there you have it – six apps I can’t live without. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good summary of the ones I’m spending the most time on whilst living the nomadic life. What about the apps you can’t live without?  Tell me your tips fellow backpackers.


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