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Chiang Rai & the White Temple

Throughout my journey across Thailand the majority of backpackers I met were unfazed by the idea of visiting Chiang Rai: “the only thing to see there is the white temple.” To be honest, that’s all I was really going for. Remembering the research I had done prior to arriving in Asia, the White Temple stood… Continue reading Chiang Rai & the White Temple


Travel money – who to bank on?

Brits are travelling more than ever before. We’re also spending more than ever – £3.5bn more was spent abroad in 2014 than in 2015 according to ONS. The savvy traveller, however, may be interested in finding ways to frugality. Or at least avoiding unnecessary fees abroad. Before I left the UK last year I spent… Continue reading Travel money – who to bank on?

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Top things to do in Chiang Mai

If you’re a culture vulture you’re going to love Northern Thailand. Far removed from the island backpacker lifestyle, Chiang Mai has heaps on offer that doesn’t involve binging on buckets – although don’t worry, you can still find a party :). From the Night Bazaar to Muay Thai fights, to mediating with a monk and… Continue reading Top things to do in Chiang Mai