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Seven days in Sydney

Before arriving, I’d been warned not to fall in love with Sydney on first impression. Its beauty and charm is allegedly deceiving. One Melburnian said “Melbourne is the book. Sydney is the film – because there’s so much more to Melbourne’s scene; music, art culture, food. Sydney lacks any substance.”

I don’t fall in love easily. But it’s also not out of character for me to rush into things when I do. And so after spending seven days worshipping the sun gods at beaches, drinking cocktails by the harbour and inhaling good, clean air at the Blue Mountains I decided that I was indeed falling a little bit in love. My relationship with Melbourne was coming to an end anyway. We weren’t quite seeing eye to eye; the volume of cold, windy days happily contributed to my dissatisfaction, but the departure of friends was the last straw. Sydney, the pretty little alternative, wasn’t just a distraction, but an inevitability.

sydney view.jpg

Spending a week and not randomly deciding to move to Sydney? Here’s a list of reccos on what not to miss out on if you’re backpacking through:

  1. See a show at the Sydney Opera House. Initially, the idea of seeing a show at SOH seemed like it’d cost the earth. But we bagged ourselves great seats to see the cabaret for around $70. Worth every dime.
  2. Take the ferry to Manly. So many people recommended this and now I know why. Get the ferry there in the day and come back in the evening. Manly itself is cute, but the views on the ferry of the SOH and Harbour Bridge are breathtaking. Around $15 return.
  3. Coogee to Bondi walk. I get time for this – I’ll do this when I move there  ;). But you should try and squeeze this baby in. Said to be a corker.
  4. Place a bet at the Randwick races. Sip on fizz, soak up the sun and lose your money betting on the best named horses…great day out.
  5. Bondi Beach. Landmark in its own right, you obviously have to see this at least once on your visit.
  6. Fireworks.  This will be hard if you’re not visiting around NYE. But if you are, absolutely do this. Find a viewpoint, get there way in advance of 12am, pack your supplies and wait for the sun to set. This year’s fireworks were spectacular.




2 thoughts on “Seven days in Sydney

  1. I was told exactly the same thing before I went to Sydney, I was told that it’s gonna be a place that sucks me in. I said “no, I will only stay for a month and leave” – I stayed for nearly 9 months for my first stint, then came back for another 7 months. nearly 4 years after I’ve left Sydney and Australia and returned home (briefly) I still consider Sydney as home 😀


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