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Cheeky award nomination: Backpackermac & the Liebster award

A slightly different post to tap out today as I’ve been nominated for Liebster Award by the lovely folk (Claire and Dave) that run the LoveCandD blog.  Thank you guys and apologies for the delay in getting this penned.

This backpacking married couple have covered quite a lot of ground – with travel adventures from N. America, S. America, Europe and more. Their inspirational posts packed with top tips, stories and images of the beautiful places they’ve seen is why I’m hooked on their blog. Check it out for yourselves!

You’ll also find them on social media:

Insta: love_c_and_d / Twitter: @LoveCandDblog



The Liebster Award is an online award for relatively new bloggers.  The “winners” of the award are “nominated” by their fellow bloggers; it’s a great way for blogosphere newbies to get some exposure and recognition for their hard work.  The word Liebster is German for ‘Dearest’ and is an indication that the blog is held in high regard by its nominator.


The Award has been running since 2011 and the rules have evolved with time.  In summary it works as follows:-

  1. When nominated, write a blog post that answers the 11 questions posed to you (while thanking and linking back to your nominator).
  2. Nominate 5 to 11 other blogs that you love and think deserve some recognition.
  3. Pose your own set of 11 questions

My Q&A


Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling, which would put you off going back to that place?


The sleeper buses in north Vietnam. Not only did I get completely ripped off, I got thrown off a bus with my luggage still on board – it took a very panicked, shrieking Amy to get staff to be concerned enough to stop the bus. On one occasion we arrived super early in pitch black at 4:30am. With my bag on my back I headed in the pouring rain towards the old town with a few others. We walked 20 -30mins  and then the group split to find their way back to their hostels. Nowhere was open, so I had to wait under the shelter of a shop roof, with no street lights for two hours on my own. It might not seem that horrific, but these were my first few days of Vietnam and every day I worried about my safety because something went wrong. There were times where I wanted to have a pathetic little cry haha. Little did I know it would turn into one of the best months of my life.

The most obscure thing you have seen whilst travelling?

Toss up between the incredible blood red moon I saw at my brother’s wedding in Auckland last year and impromptu ceremonies in Vietnam.

Sat in one Hoi An’s cute coffee shops, I witnessed a group of young boys dressed lavishly in red and gold to form one unified costume of a dragon. They would enter the shop and surrounding stores with banging drums, married with loud singing as the “dragon” would dance in between customers to hoard away any evil spirits. Locals would then give them money. This is said to be an old Vietnamese tradition. However, I sat sipping sweet Vietnamese coffee for hours as I bashed 0ut a few blogs and I saw the same boys come in at least three times!

If money was no issue, where is the one place on earth you would go and why?

The glass igloos in Iceland that sit underneath the Northern Lights.

What is the one thing you hate about travelling?

Lugging my stuff around. I’m not high maintenance, but I have A LOT of stuff. I’ve been away from home for 18 months almost and I have lived in cold and hot climates, worked on farms, in cafes and in an office – and so my wardrobe has had to be more varied than that of a normal backpackers.

Which is your favourite blog post that you have written and why?

I wrote a piece this time last year about the inspiration for ditching the desk and coming travelling. It was my first personal post and I drafted it at a time where I was doubting whether or not I had made the right decision. Reading it back always makes me smile.

What do you want your readers to take away from your blog?

I want this blog to be informative. I want you to come here and think – damn, I should check that out. Or, man – I need to make sure I think about x,y and z before I head there. My aim is to offer top tips to the point that will actually be useful and practical for your own travels. It’s never going to be a complete piece of art, but hopefully it’s somewhat enjoyable to read.

Do you prefer to travel by plane, train, car or other? Why?

Plane journeys can feel much longer because of check ins, security, delays and overlays but unlike the boats and mini buses in SE Asia, I never get motion sickness in the air.

If you could give your readers just one top tip for travelling, what would it be?

Say yes. Even on days where you feel tired say yes when your new room mate checks in and asks if you want to go meditating with a monk or ride in the rain to a temple on top of a mountain. Say yes to adventures even when you’re hungover and can’t bear to see daylight. Try that weird looking food – even if it turns out to be rat on a stick haha. Eat crickets. Get lost in the rain. Dance with strangers. Be open minded. You’ll have the best time and the best memories.


If you had to stop travelling and stay in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Oh wow. I’ve thought about this before. I would probably say Sydney or Hoi An in Vietnam. Sydney isn’t too far from home in terms of culture. But it’s better; beaches, sunshine and beautiful scenery. Hoi An had a lot to offer in terms of its cafe culture, markets and beaches. If I could imagine myself as a hippy, I’d probably stay in Pai in Thailand. Well worth the three hour vom bus journey.

What’s the main thing you look for in a travel destination? Culture/beaches/activities etc?

A blend of all three. I never saw myself as a beach girl, but after spending time at some of most beautiful beaches, I definitely can appreciate their tranquillity. But I’m an active soul and I do enjoy something fun. History and culture were the driving forces behind travelling, however. And they’re still the first things I’ll research when embarking on my adventures.

Finally, what’s next on your travel schedule?

I’m hitting the road again on 4th February as I move to Sydney for a couple of months :). Then next on my hit list is the Philippines. Would love to hear any tips fellow bloggers may have. Would love to spend at least a couple of weeks there – looking to do scuba diving and any other activities you’d recommend, i.e., if there’s any opportunity to spot large wild animals swimming in the ocean – or even swim with them, I’d be keen on hearing more.

And I’m nominating the following, awesome bloggers:


  1. Holidayonmymind.comIrina Cristache is a Romanian blogger, living in England. Her informative posts take you across America, Europe and Asia and offer you a true taste into her adventures. I particularly enjoy her video pieces.
  2. Drop a pin travel blogRun by Canadian born traveller Meg, this blog is super informative, easy on the eye with its beautiful snaps and a real thought starter. New to the scene, but already providing the travel community with plenty of food for thought, Meg definitely deserves a nomination.
  3. met Sami in Kuala Lumpur in October last year. She told me of her adventures around Oz and volunteering in Bali and after becoming Facebook friends, realised she’d be documenting her tales via a blog. Check it out for yourselves!
  4. TraveloupeDiana and Stefano left a life in London to pursue their travelling aspirations. This blog has some epic photography and great video content – gives me itchy feet every time!
  5. Thisisyouth.orgDaniel is a 23 year old American traveller who is capturing his expeditions in Nepal wonderfully. For those who dream of hitting the slopes,  Dan is also documenting his skiing adventures. Beautifully written, with excellent snaps, this blog deserves a follow.
  6.  Wanderlustbee.comBethan is a 25 year old British blogger who guides us through city breaks, backpacking, country escapes and more. Bethan’s picture board is lovely piece of content that helps me consider what my next adventure is going to be.

Nominee questions:

  1. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?
  2. What three items can you not live without on the road?
  3. What was the most adventurous thing you’ve done so far on your travels?
  4. What was the driving force behind setting up your own travel blog?
  5. What’s the hardest thing about travelling?
  6. Have you had any regrets since travelling?
  7. What’s your favourite part of travelling?
  8. Best meal you’ve eaten on the road?
  9. Name three things on your bucket list that you’re yet to tick off.
  10. What destinations are you planning to travel to in 2017?
  11. Who has been a memorable character on your journey(s) so far? And why are they memorable?

Please give the guys above some love. Their blogs are awesome and well worth the visit.


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