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Travel to (not through) Kuala Lumpur

Other than Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a little bit off the beaten track. Approximately 70 million people pass through KL’s airport every year but typically, it’s used by foreigners as a stopover rather than an end destination. An absence of a promoted party scene, like there is in Thailand and Vietnam, might put the younger… Continue reading Travel to (not through) Kuala Lumpur

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Top things to do in Chiang Mai

If you’re a culture vulture you’re going to love Northern Thailand. Far removed from the island backpacker lifestyle, Chiang Mai has heaps on offer that doesn’t involve binging on buckets – although don’t worry, you can still find a party :). From the Night Bazaar to Muay Thai fights, to mediating with a monk and… Continue reading Top things to do in Chiang Mai

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A little slice of Pai.

One of the first travel tips I received about Asia happened in the first month of me arriving in Melbourne. My new backpacker friend told me about a ‘secret’, hidden gem in the northern mountains of Thailand. He urged me to visit before it became too commercial. Pretty much ever since that advice was given… Continue reading A little slice of Pai.